Expected release 'date' of 1.5?

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Since Adobe changed its licensing to 'lease' (with the very nice 'no access to your own documents if you do not pay - perpetually' clause) I've been looking for an alternative for InDesign. I'm about to start a new (pretty simple) project, but I do need stuff like footnotes, automatic references to other items in the book (like automatically updated 'See chapter X' or 'See view Y on page Z') so I am waiting for Scribus 1.5. But my question is: how long approximately before Scribus will be released? I know this is Open Source (I've managed my own OS project once) and I cannot and should not demand anything, but having a sort-of estimate makes it possible for me to decide on my new project.

So, what is a good estimate for a release of 1.5? Q3 2014? Q2 2015? ??


Quote from: gctwnl on April 01, 2014, 10:41:39 AM...what is a good estimate for a release of 1.5? Q3 2014? Q2 2015? ??

i think, this release suffers from an overload of new features. the list of open bugs is almost constant (perhaps even growing) – this may be the reason for a 1.4.4 release. (but i don't know if there will be new features in 1.4.4)

the roadmap says: scribus 1.5.0 scheduled for release 12-12-31