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This may have been covered more recently. I was reading

How are plans for this going? We would be keen to be involved!



hi ian,

i'm working on (but i had to put it on ice for the last few months)... if you want to continue the work, my goal is to first get to a clean engine that can read and write .sla files, then find a way to attach the scripter inbetween and, finally, port the pdf creator...

if you think that you can contribute something your help will be welcome.

the two topics i'm currently working on (well the last ones i've touched and where i will restart) are:
- documenting and reading the .sla file
- creating a sane in-memory representation of the scribus file
- create a sane structure of qt projects (the .pro file!)

have a nice evening


Apologies for delay in getting back to you. Yes we would be keen. I'll let you know our schedule in due course. I'd also be keen to know the schedule for 1.6? - ....especially the ability to read .idml files.