Getting Image has Transparency error :(

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How to fix this error?

I have 2 layers. I'm using this image as a background image behind everything else. The image doesn't even have transparency, it's a JPG.

For now I'll have to remove it as I really need this document into a PDF for now, but I'd love to find out how to fix this once and for all.

Thanks in advance guys,



JDL, have you tried loading the image into something like GIMP and then exporting it?

That is usually an easy way of "cleaning" images that have come from other sources.

(ImageOptim - on OSX machines - can also strip all sorts of rubbish out of an image file that might be causing problems.)

If the above doesn't work, would it be possible for you to attach the image you're having problems with?


P.S. This is a long shot but also check that your layers don't have opacities less than 100% (in the Layers palette). This gives a different warning/error but it's worth checking anyway.


Garry, thanks a bunch for your suggestions.
I'll try'em as soon as I can.