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I am making a photo book and try to add a border to images.
I want this border to be semi transparent and NOT to cover the image, only the background.
When i create a line style and apply this to an image, half of the border width is "inside " and so covers the image (see attachment).
How can this be prevented? Is there a "inside/outside border property somewhere?

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draw a box around your image, big enough to do what you want or a solid box behind image size and setting you desire


scribus does not have a good way to do this.

if you need to create borders of different sizes for (really) many images i can see if i can create a script that builds upon rodney's sugestion:

- put a standard rectangle in the scrapbook.
- add it to the page.
- select it together with the concerned image.
- the script would resize the shape to be the outside frame of the image.

this effort is only worth if you need to do so for dozens of images.

(and your concern is well known, but i don't think that the scribus team is aware of how much this affects some specific workflows... )