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A lot of us know that using styles is the way to go but there is some nice about designing on the fly and formatting text visually.

Is there anything in the future of Scribus for taking such text and applying it to a style?

Such an option would be very nice instead of having to rely strictly on creating a styles via the style dialogs.


hi stevod

if you take a look at the style related feature requests on, you'll find a lot...
two or three years ago, there was a youtube video floating around, which showed a right click solution for generating styles from a text selection.
i don't know if this function will be part of scribus 1.5 (or 1.6) – at least my 1.5 version (june 2012) doesn't support it.

it would be useful for small documents. but as it would create independent styles instead of styles based on others, for bigger projects the true usefulness might be overestimated...

there are lots of ideas to make scribus better. but at the moment i would not fill the bug tracker with more feature requests. the developers are working as hard on fighting with real bugs that i fear, there wont be a new release in the near future. at the moment the number of open bugs is increasing...



Hello utnik,

Thanks for the reply. I think I agree with you that bug fixes are the highest priority. The feature I suggest is more of a "would be nice to have" than a "must have". I appreciate your feedback.

From past experience with feature requests for other applications they become "unfullfilled wish lists". Once I think a feature I requested was worthy of implementation in an application. Sorry if that is a bit cynical.

And don't get me wrong I am grateful to have Scribus and hope it keeps getting better. I appreciate all the work folks who work on it do. I wish sometimes I could contribute more to the cause.

And thanks for the reminder to check out the bug tracker. I forgot about that.