Mesh Distortion tool missing from 1.4.3 on OSX

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I've noticed that the Mesh Distortion tool is missing from the "Item -> Path Tools" menu in my installation of 1.4.3 on OSX. It's there in my 1.4.2 installation on Ubuntu.

Can anyone tell me why it's not there and/or how I can get it back?

(I've recently done a full re-installation of Scribus because of various unrelated problems and it wasn't present before the re-installation either. I was hoping that the re-installation would fix that problem too but, alas, no.)


Never needed it, never used it - if it ever had been there. Just checked Scribus - no mesh tool to edit bezier curves...


Thanks for confirming that I'm not alone.

I'm fairly sure it used to be part of the OS X installation - as I've used it in a few things - but I've no idea why it wouldn't be there now. I can only guess.

I hope someone can shed some light on this.

P.S. Each time I installed via the official DMG, if that makes a difference.