red "@" symbol in the text editor

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sorry if this has been addressed in the past, but after browsing the wiki and the forums I was not able to find any reference.

I've been given an .sla file to translate the document. When I try to edit the text frames I've noticed there are a good bunch of red colored "@" symbols in the text, which seems to be graphic icons and they behave as if they were part of the text.

Please, can anybody appoint me to any particular link in where this feature is explained?



those red @s are "inline" frames... that is, frames that you have pasted inside of text frames...

but, normally, if you see them and are wondering what they are, it's because you are not really using scribus in a sane way...

and, yes, scribus is partially at fault for it...



I apologize for the thread necromancy, but I am experiencing the same issues, but this time when importing Markdown into a Text Frame. I cannot seem to delete the red ampersand character, and it is creating what seems to be a bullet point in the text.


can you post up a sample file?

it kinda sounds like it's related to an imported style