active document window is hidden

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I am working with a clean install of OS X 10.7.5 (Lion) and Scribus 1.4.3.

For a couple of days, everything was fine. But I now find that the active document window does not render at all. Splash screen and dialog boxes are unaffected. I can only see the Scribus window with an open file in it when using Mission Control (or F3) and looking at the multiple desktops. As soon as I try to make it active it disappears. I have tried reinstalling Scribus, opening new and existing files, but nothing changes. (Quietly frantic as I work on a deadline)
Most grateful for any help.


hi explicatrix

  • quit scribus, if it's running
  • open the file: /users/ 'your name' /library/preferences/scribus/scribus140.rc in a text editor
  • search for <MAINWINDOW WIDTH=... and change the position values to something like: YPOS="30" XPOS="20"
now restart scribus and enjoy...


Thanks; just seen this now, and will keep your note for the future. I eventually solved the problem with a clean install.