ICC profile for solid colors

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I am running Scribus on Windows 7, producing PDFs for offset printing.

When I export my file to a PDF, an option I can check is "use ICC profile for solid colors."  I've been leaving it unchecked.  Is this a problem? What will the impact be?  The only solid colors I have in my file are black or white backgrounds, and in one case, colored font.

I'm sure it's obvious but total noob here. I own a small business and can't afford professional help at this moment.


hi ana,

except your monitor is profiled, your work environement is "controlled" and you have THE profile for the targeted printer, just enabling the color profiles won't do anything...

if this is your case, don't worry too much...

... you won't have much control over the way your colors will be printed, but you're far away from being able to have all the elements needed to do it!

when you will have more experience with your workflow you will also learn how to manage those parameters!

good luck!