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I did a logo with scribus and I converted in pdf.

I have now 2 problems

1) the text is not in the place were it was in scribus
2) the logo exported and printend is smaller the in scribus.

Could you help me

Versione di Scribus 1.3.9 running on ubuntu 11.04


... hi UMdB...

first step: update scribus to the latest release of your branch (1.4RC3 currently)

for the text problem, you may make sure that the font is embedded in the PDF...

if the problem persists,  you should share the .sla and the .pdf.

basically: it should not happen.


Meho R.

And as for 2), is it smaller in exported PDF or just on paper, when printed? If the latter, pay attention to "Page scaling" option in Print dialog of your PDF reader, which you might want set to "None".