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I design stamp album pages using Scribus

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I have been designing stamp album pages using Scribus for the last 2+ years.  I have actually complete all modern stamps from Ukraine, and use it for all sorts of other stamp pages designs.  I'm in no way a graphic artists.  Just a guy who likes to tinker.

I make everything, including the Scribus files available on my web site for download:

Here's a sample page:

hi apastuzak

i'm not collecting stamps, but your work looks impressive!
just one suggestion: in order to avoid disturbing gaps between the words, you should always hyphenate all justified text blocks (or align the text to the left…)
i would never set narrow columns with justified, but not hyphenated text in a page layout…


Those text boxes are all hyphenated.


--- Quote from: apastuszak on January 31, 2014, 09:43:49 pm ---Those text boxes are all hyphenated.

--- End quote ---

i see – sorry!
but you didn't select the correct (english) dictionary for your hyphenation.
otherwhise (and with a little tweaking on the advanced settings,) the text sould look more or less like my attached screenshot…


[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok, so I have English selected.  That's the default.  Is there more I need to do other than that?


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