Double-digit page numbers for single digits possible?

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Hi there!

I'm pretty new to Scribus and came across a question, to which i couldn't find an answer with the search function.

Is it possible to start page numbering with 01 instead of 1?

Right now I find only workarounds which are:
1) Manually insert the pagenumbers 01-09 on the respective pages
2) Create a seperate masterpage for pages 01-09 (or 2 to be exact for left and right pages...)

both solutions seem unnecessarily complicated.

Thanks in advance!


yes you can!

in the document setup, under "sections", you can control how the numbering goes.

if you set a length of 2 and set the fill character to 0 you'll get what you want.

(i had to look for it... but i was almost sure that scribus must be able to do that : - )



Thanks a bunch!

Yeah, I also was pretty certain, there has to be an easy way to do this.
Somehow I didn't understand the function of this field when reading its description (as I am from Austria, the term reads more like "field width", which apparently confused me).
Now, that you pointed it out to me, it makes much more sense.

Thanks again, have a great day,



glad to know that it solved your issue...

and one day you will explain me why being from austria makes you puzzled : - )

... on the other hand, i guess that:

- "field width" should be "padding zeros" (or "leading zeros") and
- "fill character" could be "padding character" (or "leading character")

i've opened a ticket: