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It would be great to have the option to select pixels as the documents main unit type (both measurements and fonts), turning Scribus in an alternative for Indesign and Fireworks when it comes to static wireframing and other web-related design tasks.

IMO it does not make sense to use pixels as a unit because a pixel has no physical dimension.

In Scribus you primarily work with vectors (fonts and native vector elements), pixels are only used in image frames (where the frame has a physical dimension so the pixels can be scaled).

I understand that in many traditional fields this request would not make sense. Working for print products I never encountered these problems, but now that I'm designing for digital products, I find it very difficult to define a 1px wide line that will actual be sharp on all devices (that show pixels).

If the end result must be 1:1 in pixels, there is now logic in working in mm, inches or anything other than pixels. The size of elements on the page must be designed and measured in the same unit they will be build in, since there is not going to be any transition to paper. Designing a 400px wide element on screen (in Scribus) as a 40mm element only leads to continuous translation between unit types.
Pixel perfect design is only possible in pixels.

I think Scribus is not the tool you should use, try using for example Gimp instead.

Unfortunately GIMP is not suitable for this type of work, because it is not vector based, but pixel based. Using pixels as a measurement unit is very different from pixelbased work. For the moment I'll have to stick to indesign.

maybe this article will shine some light on the type of work involved:


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