New Feature Needed for Floating Accents

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I would like to use Scribus with fonts that contain floating accents.

I have found that the "A|V" function will move the Glyph correctly horizontally.

Unfortunately I haven't found a similar command to move a Glyph vertically.

This feature will be essential for high quality Arabic.



The box directly to the left of A/V (manual tracking) is baseline shift.  This should move the glyph vertical, I usually start at 25%+...  You need to select/highlight the glyph(s)/letter(s) that you would like to move first.  I have tried it with letters/glyphs/special characters in the Arial font, hope this helps and is what you were looking for?



On my version (Windows 1.4.3) this box is the Shadow feature and only moves the shadow - the main glyph doesn't move :(