Editing text style of multiple text frames

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Has anyone developed or at least started writing scripts to edit text style of multiple text frames?


Hello, everyone. I am currently working on formatting a lengthy document of an ecological profile and Scribus makes everything easier except for 1.4.6's shortcoming on tables. True, importing .csv files from spreadsheets is an excellent and convenient way to "paste" the table, but formatting becomes the problem especially for really long ones. Formatting each cell in the "Properties Tab" is too impractical and although I know this feature is not yet available in 1.4.6. (not sure about 1.4.7. though, but I doubt it), I am strongly hoping someone knows any scripts that can help me with my problem. If not (meaning, no scripts available), are there other "features" I should look into that might at least reduce the work of formatting text styles per frame? Thank you very much.  ;D