Quick tip for “double rounded outlining”

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Here's a quick tip for getting a "double rounded outline" - like that in the screenshot - without too much messing around.

* Create a rectangle and give it a fill colour.
* Make the outline colour white and give it a decent width.
* Multiple duplicate the rectangle once (or duplicate it and re-align the two).
* Remove the fill colour of the new rectangle (not entirely necessary but it seems "right" to do so) and give it a different outline colour and larger line width.
* Send the new rectangle behind the original.

Doing it this way keeps the rounding correct without too much fuss.

If, on the other hand, you tried to create the outer outline with another filled rectangle you would have to play around a lot with the rounding to get it looking right.

This technique works for text frames and image frames too but remember to convert the duplicated frame to a polygon to keep it simple.

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