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Hi all,

After creating an first real document, i'm impressed how sribus is acting. My daughter must create a big document (72 pages) for school with a lot of pictures in it, and scribus handle it correctly.

After said this, a few comments / questions. We missed functionality to import pages from a spreadsheet. To work around it we found that is was possible to import an pdf page as a picture. Ok scribus generate an error for this action something with pdf and background and a black square at the right side, but I'm not a professional user and the document needed only to be print out on a normal printer, so with ignore errors it create an pdf. and it looked great!.

But during printing, directly from scribus on a hp laser printer an total black page was printed. So we printed this pages from the generated pdf.

So is there a possibility to import an selection from out an spreadsheet and why is there an difference between creating an pdf for an page that has an pdf page in it and printing it from out scribus

Also we miss functionality to create an nice Table of Contents with sub levels. Of cause we did it by first generating and after that we have styled the page, but in my eyes it is nice to have such an possibility.


It is an great program and for students and people with little money it is free. Hopefully it stays that way.


Dirk Gerrit Oort


Hi Dirk.

The first thing I'd say is not to use the Print function in Scribus. It simply doesn't work well enough - as of version 1.4.3 - as plenty of other posts in this forum have shown. You should print from your PDF reader instead which, as you've seen, produces best results. (Personally I think the Print function should be removed until/unless it has been proven to work properly but that's another issue.)

For a multi-level TOC you could try looking at this forum thread,919.0.html which might give a bit of inspiration, but I agree that TOC handling isn't great at present. It's generally best to leave it as the last bit of editing you do and then manually reformat, as you have done.

For spreadsheet import there are a few different things you could try depending on what output/export options your spreadsheet software has. You could try exporting as SVG and importing that into the document. Or export as EPS and putting it into an image frame. Or you could look at using LaTeX in a render frame (as long as you don't need too much fancy formatting). Also, I believe that better table handling will be coming in 1.5.

Another thing you could try, if you still want to import a PDF, is experimenting with the "Embed PDF and EPS files" option in the "Save as PDF" dialog. It says it's "experimental" but I believe that's just something to do with colour management and if you're printing at home that's probably not a major issue.

Anyway, I'm glad you like Scribus and hope you keep using it.



Hi Dirk, another possibility would be the .pdf version you are creating.  It ranges from .pdf 1.4 - 1.9? I believe.  I have found saving to version 1.4 or 1.5 works the best for placement within Scribus.  Hope this could help.  As for the TOC, I will have to defer, mine are always simple.