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I have a problem after installation of the version 1.4.3. (Before I worked with version
The open-dialog doesn't work. It shows no subdirectories and files, and I can't navigate. (see Attachement)
The same happens if I want to place a picture in a new document. I can't choose the file.

I reinstall the program but the problem stays.
I work with Vista 32 bit.

Thank you for help!

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Yep, same problem here.  Hadn't used Scribus in some time, but needed to do a document, and downloaded the latest version.

It's a pain, but what you can do is just start typing the name of the folder or file into the File name box.  As you type it will show matching names.  I was able to change directories and select files as long as I know the name.  But all the window ever shows is My Computer and the root user directory.