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I'm having an odd problem. I'm working on a project (in English) that includes some Semitic words (Hebrew). The words are fine in story editor, but when I click save, their order is switched from right - left to left - right. IOW, to a native reader, the words would appear to be spelled backwards! This is true whether I import, or copy and paste. Is there a way to stop Scribus from doing this? (I'm using Scribus 1.4 on Xubuntu 12.04)


OK, apparently this is a known problem. I found a script to reverse the characters without mirroring,

But I don't know how to add the script to Scribus! Help?


Yup this is an ongoing issue that is being worked on one nibble at a time. I recommend you post to the Scribus mailing list ( which has a higher possibility of someone hearing your call. Also the more people that do, perhaps it will initiate someone from the open source community to step up (with some c++ and Qt skils) to help spearhead this effort. You can also for example, make a copy and call it backwards-hebrew.sla and post it here and then link to it from your mailing list. Or make a screenshot of your problem just for further clarity

The script you reference is incomplete and only applies to a certain portion of the document.
To answer your question on how to run a script this page gives your that instruction:

FYI here are as of today (Nov 24, 2013) some open bugs relating to languages used in Scribus.

Support for non-latin languages

* Devangri

* Arabic

* Khmer

* Chinese
* Lao

* Thai

* Tibetan

* Japanese

* Hebrew


Anyone interested in participating in efforts to change this in Scribus see,1215.0.html