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I'm trying to make master pages for a double paged layout. It works fine on the left side. But right side master pages are empty. That happend because the background is going over both sides and Scribus inserts it only on left side.

If I cut the background-picture (strg-x) and highlight the right page and insert it back (strg-v) the convertion to a master page works fine. But once I clicked the picture, maybe accidently, it doesn't work anymore. It seems like the object becomes anchored on left side. Can't solve it by edit master pages because I can't align it exactly to the left side background. I have to re-cut and re-insert. Is it a bug or a feature!? By the way: Copy applied master page items doesn't make a different. Nuts! It drives me crazy...

Well, some information: I'm using Scribus 1.4.3 portable on Windows xp and 7 and it's sloooooow even with 12GB ram and a ssd and a radeon hd 6850.


Unfortunately Scribus can't yet handle putting images (or anything else) across multiple master pages. Normal pages yes, master pages no.

If your document isn't large, or you only want the image spread over a small number of double page spreads, you can:
* add the image to its own layer (at the back) on a normal page,
* copy the image to the scrapbook,
* copy the scrapbook image back to the pages where you want it.

It's not ideal but, for limited use, it's fine.

You should still be able to put the same image on both master pages at different horizontal positions though. However, you'll probably find that most PDF readers put a gap between double page spreads so you don't have to be too accurate about horizontal alignment - most people won't notice a few pixels duplicated/missing - and vertical alignment can be done easily using the Properties X,Y,Z.

I tried my own little experiment and didn't get the problems you got. See the attached PDF for my example.

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