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Hello all,

We made and self published a 432-page travel guidebook for Panama using Scribus.  It was a collaborative effort over four years to research, edit and typeset the book.

There is lots of text, sidebars, and pictures.  Free software (Quantum GIS and Inkscape) was used to make maps. 

We originally made each chapter in a separate Scribus file but then put it all together in one big block for convenience.  However, loading time for the .sla file is more than ten minutes on a fairly powerful computer and editing text is slow.

The book was printed in CMYK plus one spot colour.

Book data:

Almanaque Azul Panamá: Guía de viajes
Publisher: Fundación Almanaque Azul
ISBN: 978-9962-5535-0-2
Authors: Mir Rodriguez and Papus Von Saenger, editors
432 pages
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
Includes full color photographs and maps

Let me know if you have any questions about how we did it and other lessons we learned.



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Very cool. So what did you learn from the process? Would you mind sharing your thoughts and also sharing a tutorial ?