Greek letters missing

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I am using Scribus 1.4.3 on Windows XP. I need to incude some Greek letters in my text (scientific report).
When I select the Symbol regular font in Story Editor, I do not see any change and  the letters are replaced with blank squares on my project
I checked in the Font list in the preferences menu and I have the Symbol Regular in use.

I have tried to insert letters as Glyphs, but when I select them in the palette the Insert button is not active, like if I cannot use any Glyphs.

I am an absolute beginner with Scribus. Can you give any help?


Scribus always uses "true" glyphs from the fonts, in for example Word you use the Symbol font with "incorrect" character codes to get the greek symbols.

So, my guess is that the font you use don't have the right symbols, you need to look for another font.


Thanks for the reply, but I am not sure of having understood how to solve the problem.

I am using the Arial regular font for my can I insert Greek letters?

thanks in advance for any help


I think I have solved. In the character palette, a double click is needed to insert the symbol.