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Hi, this is dumb, but all I wanted is a light-khaki sort of background for my flier.

I now have Pale GoldenRod. I think I tried Khacki2. Before that a yellow3 with the opacity turned down.

They all look great on the monitor, when printed to my printer, and when printed to a pdf and viewed either on my monitor or on the iPhone. But when I take them to Kinkos (I've tried two stores) they come out fluorescent yellow.

Any ideas?



Ed, this might sound a bit basic but, if your background is all across the paper, why not just have a plain white background - i.e. no background - in your PDF and get the print shop to print it on whatever coloured paper you need? You'll probably find that the coloured paper looks much better than printing the colour onto white.

If you need the background for other purposes - e.g. screen reading or home printing - you can put the coloured backgrounds on a layer behind everything else - on a master page perhaps? - and switch it on/off as needed before you create the PDF. I.e. One PDF version with the background layer switched off for professional printing, and another PDF with the background layer switched on for everything else.


Thanks, Garry.

It's just a partial background. Just a simple 2 page flyer to be delivered via web and email, to be printed casually by me or other advocates.


Ah, I've looked at the flyer and I see what you mean.

I'm sorry I can't help you further with this. I've a feeling that it's got something to do with colour management which I try and stay away from as much as possible - my stuff very rarely gets printed, thankfully.

However, I'm sure there will be someone else in the forum who can help. The colour/printing gurus will probably have a simple explanation or fix - they usually do.

P.S. The last thing I can think of is using a colour without opacity. That might be causing the problem. Scribus comes with lots of colour sets and I'm sure one of them will have the "natural" colour you need. (Menu "Help -> Scribus Manual..." Contents > Documentation > Included Colour Sets.)


Thanks, Garry. I had already abandoned adding opacity on my own, but that didn't help.



Probably your best way is to see if you can find a Pantone chart and build your color from there. You will have to get the CMYK and/or RGB values but it will print out closer to what you are looking for. An online search can find some colors that you can then either get the colors from Gimp with or they will tell you in the name. Hope that helps as working with a Pantone chart normally gets you the closest to your desired colors.

This link will give you some general colors to start from. They may appear different on your screen but it is a starting point.