How to change font on single line in Story Editor?

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Hi, I cannot get Story Editor to allow me to have more than one font on a single line. The style changes for the whole line (paragraph) each time I try to apply a different font to "only a section of the line." I'm just learning Scribus but I'm hoping this has something to do with the 3 types of styles, paragraph, character and word. Can someone lead me in the right direction? Thanks.


hi lorraine

within the story editor you can't set character styles, but you could change the font manually for a certain selection. you will see the changes in the text frame after closing the story editor or after you click the green 'apply' sign.
the story editor itself doesnt make styles visible – that's one of the reasons i almost never use it. i set my styles directly in the frames ('properties' (f2) → 'text' → 'style settings'). there you can apply paragraph styles, character styles or manual formatting (normally the use of styles is recommended...)