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Hello. I just registered today and have a couple of questions about layers.  how can I see and print the composite layers?


Hello and welcome to the Scribus forum.

Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you're asking.

Layers are visible and printable by default so the only way you won't be able to see and/or print them is if you have set them otherwise in the Layers dialog (menu "Windows -> Layers").

If you open the menu item "Help -> Scribus Manual..." and put "layer" in the search box you will get much more info.


Thanks Gary.  I had figured out the problem I was having with layers.  Now I have another one.  How to group all the text and images boxes together to make multiple copies to print.  Grouping in the menu is grayed out.   I'm still puzzling over this one.  Also I was having problems with line spacing in designing a business card, but I found the answer to that one in the properties bar within the frame.   Thank you for your advice.


Grouping should be available once you select more than one object.


And, once you've grouped them together, you can easily create multiple copies across a whole sheet using the "Item -> Multiple Duplicate" function.