How to associate scribus with .slr file type

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In Windows 7 professional and Scribus 1.4.3, when I double-click on a .sla file it tries to bring up 7-zip. I have right-clicked, selected 'open with', clicked the 'browse' button to select the Scribus program, navigated to scribus.exe in the program files (C:\program files (x86)\scribus 1.4.3\scribus.exe), clicked 'open', and ... nothing happens! It does not enter Scribus as a legitimate program to select when double-clicking a scribus file.

So I went to control panel, 'default programs', 'associate a file type or protocol with a specific program', scrolled to .sla, which indicates an "unknown program". I click on 'change program' and I am back at the same spot as in the first paragraph: a dialog box with "7-zip console" as the only recommended program. I do the same thing I did before, hoping something will be different (insanity), but I get the same results: it doesn't allow Scribus to be associated with .sla.

Has anyone successfully associated Scribus with .sla? Sure, I can bring up Scribus and OPEN a file, but I should be able to do the opposite as well, select what I want to work with, then choose the tool.

Bill Zumstein