When new Scribus 1.5 will be release?

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When You expects complete release Scribus 1.5?
On webpage http://bugs.scribus.net/roadmap_page.php there is info. that only 54% was completed.
I suppouse about 2-3 years yet, because still appear new problems. What You think?




Well, it is 2015 now, In doing a web search I find many downlands  but a lot of them I would consider unsafe! Is there some where were I can get one or the neares that I can download for a Windows 7 64 bit machine?

Wena Parry
South Wales, u.k.


 :D Scribus 1.5.0 released!!!  :D
more is here

I have question where I find 1.5.0 for windows but portable.
I can find, only 1.4.5 portable in http://portableapps.com/apps/office/scribus_portable


Someone has to build a portable Scribus, I don't think the Scribus developers are involved, you have to contact the maintainer for Scribus Portable (Gord Caswell according to the page you linked)