Line above and below text as part of a style

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I am new to Scribus and I am trying to solve a problem.
I want a header style that has a solid line above and below the text going from one side of the text frame to the other side.

I can do this manually for one header. How should I achieve this for all headers in my 50 page document?

Look forward to your response.


tosime, I'm not sure what you mean by "header style".

You've put this post in the text and typography section - so it sounds like you're asking about paragraph/character styles - but you've asked about making the lines go from one side of the frame to the other which is another thing entirely.

Do you want the lines to be across the text or the frame? The solution for each will be very different.


In for example MS Word you can set a paragraph style so it has lines above and below, going from margin to margin. But that is unfortunately not possible in Scribus. Yet.