Curious behaviour after locking & grouping objects

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I've noticed something odd if you try to move locked+grouped objects and don't know if it is a bug or a feature.

Here's how to replicate it:

* Draw some objects, in the attached sample image (BEFORE) I've used a green shape, an image frame and a text frame with sample text.
* Drag select all of the objects.
* Right-click and set "Is Locked".
* Right-click and select "Group".
* Now, drag the group down and to the right and you'll get the AFTER image.

(The images were taken in Preview Mode.)

It's as if the group outline behaves as a "visible boundary" of the locked objects.

Does anyone know if this is deliberate behaviour or whether it's just an artefact of how Scribus handles locked items and groups? Has anyone used this effect to achieve something they actually wanted?

Obviously this isn't a major problem, and if it is an actual bug it could be useful so may not be worth reporting as such. I'm just curious.

I've looked in the manual and wiki and couldn't find anything.

(This is on Scribus Version 1.4.3, 20 July 2013, Build ID: C-C-T-F-C1.12.14-Mac/Aqua, Using Ghostscript version 8.71.)

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