Simple Template for printing out 1/4 page booklet.

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Hello to everyone!
I am a brand spanking new scribus user, and was wondering if anyone had any good resources on how to create and/or find a basic template that would help me create a 1/4 page sized booklet.
I am looking for something where I could print a page, cut the page in half horizontally, then fold the remaining two pieces vertically, layering pages within one another and stapling the 'spine.' Thus creating a four leaf, eight page booklet.

Thanks for any and all help.


What you are looking for is called impositioning (the placement of several pages onto a larger sheet to allow for cutting and/or folding).

Create the pages in their final size in Scribus, export to a PDF and then use some imposition tool to create the imposition you want.,_PostScript_and_Imposition_tools

I would probably use Multivalent for the task, since the imposition you want is not really a standard one. Make a dummy or two to find out the correct order and position for the pages.