New to Scribus, problems printing simple box.

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Hi all,

I'm new to Scribus and thought I would try it for printing some frames for comix.

I am running Scribus on Ubuntu 13.04 and am printing to a Canon PIXMA MP480 inkjet.

The attached SLA file is a rectangle with two lines above the bottom margin.

The shapes are grouped.

I've tried:

* Printing the image directly from Scribus. The vertical lines on each side of the box don't print.
* Exporting to PDF 1.3 and printing from Document Viewer. I get the vertical lines but the horizontal lines at the bottom (including the bottom of the rectangle) stop short of the right-hand vertical line.

I would prefer to use an open-source tool to generate my frames. Have tried several tools but the UX on each of them was atrocious. Scribus has a much better UX but if my printing results are no good, I might as well go with another program.

Any advice? Should I file a bug?


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If the PDF does not print as shown on screen, it's not the fault of Scribus. It's more likely a problem with the printer driver and printer margins.