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Newbie here. I have an image in a document I want to modify. I used the option to change the Y-dimension size of the image but didn't like the result. When I set up an image editor in the External Tools I ran into another set of problems:

1) I set Adobe Photoshop as the external image editor. When ever I attempt to edit an image from within Scribus (right-click, Edit Image) I get a message saying Photoshop can't be found. The complete path to the application is present (I used the file picker dialogue box within Scribus to select the app) so I know that the path information is correct. Scribus just can't find it despite having it's nose shoved in it;

2) Since Scribus seemed to be set up by default for GIMP I installed that application. Scribus can find it, it just doesn't load the image (PNG).

What am I missing here?


You're not the first person to have trouble with this. See this topic for a Mac discussion: http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,937.0.html

It seems to be pretty random; it works fine for some, while others - myself included - can't get anything to work as expected no matter what they try.

However, and it's not a fix as such, but if you've got the available machine resources you can just keep Scribus and your image processing software running and Scribus will automatically update any changed images.

I hope you manage to find a fix and share it with the rest of us.


Thanks for the link. I had searched for relevant posts but didn't find that one. Actually, didn't seem to find anything relevant. But that's not really a surprise: I always have trouble finding things when I search, apparently because the terms I use for my search are not the same terms people use in their posts.  :'(


Did you use Onyx to clean your Mac and rebuild the dependencies of your system?

In most cases running Onyx solves many problems. Make sure you dl the one for your OS version (10.6.8 is different from the version for 10.7.X and higher!)