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I've just finished another 6 pages flyer and want to share it with you.

Produced on a 24" Alu iMac (December 2008) Dual Core with 6 GB RAM, Scribus 1.4.3 and GhostScript 9.x.

I used the images in original size and resolution, that means 6.016x4.016 pixels @ 48bit TIFF with a file size of around 139 MB for each image. Scribus handled these file sizes extremely well and I never had any problems on my 5 year 'old' Mac. Still running snappy and fast. The original PDF is in PDF/X-3 format, I've supplied the images as RGB images with embedded color profiles as always.

I've made a screenshot of the layout, so you can see the dotted lines where the flyer is folded. Then I've made a PDF from the screenshots and reduced the resolution to reduce the file size, so don't think this is the print quality. The actual PDF file size is 58 MB, the sample file linked from here is just 389 kb.

First page:

Right part: Cover
Middle part: Back of the flyer
Left part: The folded in flap

Second page:
Interior - one huge image


Earlier this year I've produced a 140 page image book with scribus, printed from a German online printing company in perfect quality. No problems at all with Scribus. I know there are people who use InDesign and a Mac with 16 GB RAM who still can't managed to print such a book... There is only one thing I am missing: Transparent objects, but I think it's just a matter of time until Scribus will be able to handle transparencies.


I like your flyer. The overall colour balance is nice and the images look great.

The first page looks bright and cheery, kind of optimistic, and the second page looks just the right amount of "broody", if that's the right word I'm after. Not menacing but sort of "powerful" in a way, as in "night may be coming but we'll still be here to look after you".

Hmm... I'm probably not expressing myself very well but I hope you can see the complement through my messy language (even if I might have got the wrong end of the stick!).


Hi Gary, thanks for the compliments! I know what you mean with broody and powerful.

Years ago the gas stations had more light, but in Europe every company is on an eco trip :-(, which makes it hard to catch the moods of yesterday.

I don't know why I make images of 'remote & lonely' gas stations - I just like the dense atmosphere. Here is another one: http://www.sacalobra.com/samples.html

BTW, just watched this afternoon the first units coming off the print machine - absolutely fantastic.