Cards and Book, Circo Di Vision

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My partner and I have been working on a Card and Book Set.  We have been using open source products in our production, like GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus.

Scribus has really made this project feasible.  I want to thank the extended Scribus Community for their help in getting this project off the ground. 

Here is the website:

We have a kickstarter project for fundraising and we do need your help.

We are using Scribus in one of two ways:  Card Production and the Book.
The cards are simply high resolution 300 dpi PNG files placed on the correct size page.  I have been using a doubled size imaged.  So if the final card is 3x5 I work on a 6x10 image.  That is squeezed down to the 3x5 page at 600 dpi.  We will be sending that color corrected file to the printer. 

The book part is easy.  It's 250 pages and using a wide variety of page layouts for the different sections. 

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