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There needs to be a way to find all images related to a Scribus document that are within Start At… path. I have a few documents that have gained a number of images. I decided to sort them into sub-folders. I went into Extras --> Manage Images and set a base path to be searched. I checked the box to "Search recursively" and expected all images to be located and updated. Instead I have had to do this with each image separately. It seems that, with the "Search recursively" selected, that this should work. Perhaps there could be a check box for "Find all missing images." Or be able to select all the images you want to update and have a "Find and update all selected images."

Am I missing something? Should this work and it is not working for me? It is time consuming and I am glad I am not doing my book or some sort of catalog.

this is a long standing feature request.

and my short test shows that it has probably not being implemented in the development version, but contributions are always welcome :-)

and this is a good beginner task for somebody who wants to start with scribus development...
so if you know somebody who can program in c++, just ask him / her if he/she can make you and all of us a little gift!


Ah, oh well. I wish I could code. I don't really know anyone other than my son. He learned a little coding as part of his mechatronic engineering program at university. I could ask, but he is really trying to get a co-op job as part of his program. What could I tell him is involved that might get him interested and help him to understand what would need to be done?

I am fast losing patience and confidence in SCRIBUS.
I'm running version 1.5.8 on 64bit Windows10 Home.

Losing links to embedded images is an ongoing issue I have had on a number of occasions now and I don't believe it has anything to do with moving sla files or where the source of the images reside! There is another mechanism in play here somewhere.

Initially when I kept having this problem I decided that I would store all the images in a common directory and make sure the images were embedded and this seemed to resolve the issue.

However the problem has returned.

I produce a monthly village newsletter and as a consequence of such, a number of images are repeated in the same position month after month. I also keep an archive of each monthly issue going back some months.

Whilst creating the May issue this time I closed down my PC last evening, exiting all open windows beforehand.
This morning I login and load up the .sla file for this month and all the images, both new images for this month and regular images that are repeated every month, are not displayed. There is just the "X of doom" and the info pop-up tells me no image is loaded. Yeah, thanks for that!

Except for one image!

No files were moved in the interim between last evening and this morning.

I looked in the Image Manager and although in the path field it displayed the correct path to the directory where all the images are stored it only displayed the last .JPG file I copied into the image directory yesterday. All the others had the "X of doom".

I then loaded up last month's issue from the archive and all the images are displaying correctly and, in the Image Manager all the images are shown in the image directory.

Why is that?

It seems to me that something in the .sla file for the May issue has got corrupted and it no longer knows where the Image Directory is and yet it does for that one image. Very strange.

Looking at the failing .sla, the one for the May issue, if I do a get image on one of the image frames that has lost it's image, I am able to locate the correct image in the image directory and crucially if I now look in the Image Manager that image is now visible!

This is insane!

What is more important .......... what is the resolution to this exasperating error.

how old is the drive in your system? is it a ssd, or platters? Depending on the age and/or usage this may be drive degradation issue.


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