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Hello I'm new to scribus but with the Dutch how to I managed to make a reader for school.
Now when I open the .sla file most of the  Images are not there any more. The frames and names of the files are there but there are not loading, strange enough one Image is loading normal.
Is there a way to fore them back in to the frames?
And what is the best way to organize the images with the matching page? should there be a copy in the same folder or something like that?

Hello Toxbar.

It sounds like you've moved/copied the SLA file, possibly to a different computer.

With Scribus, the SLA document doesn't include the images, it just has references to where the image are. So if the image is moved, or the SLA is moved/copied, the references will no longer work so you won't be able to see the images.

Another way of thinking about this would be to imagine you have a library that has a list of which shelf each book is on. If someone moves a book the list will be wrong and you won't be able to find the book. And if you move the list to another library you won't be able to find any books because all of the shelves are wrong.

The best way to move your work around between computers is to use the "File -> Collect for Output" function on the computer where you created the document. This collects together - copies - the SLA and all of the used images, fonts and colour sets and puts them into a new folder which you can then move/copy. (You would also use this if you wanted to take your work to a print shop.)

One other way could be to put the images on a network/cloud server where different computers have the same path to the folders where the images are but the practicalities of this would really depend on your various systems. (E.g. Moving between Linux/Windows/Mac etc. would probably not work because they reference things differently.)

I hope this helps.

P.S. The one image that is loading normally will probably be a one-off where the same image just happens to be in the same place on different computers.

Haai GarryP,

Thanks for the feed back, I figured it was something like that (moved the pictures without realising the connection)
I will give the "collect for output" function a try

Thanks for helping

Collect for output will only work if the images are correctly linked. Newer versions of Scribus however includes an image manager where you can interactively search for the correct location of the images.

Extra -> Manage Images and then there is a big Search-button.

In this regard Scribus seems to have the same problem as my other desktop publisher. While it's true you can alter the pathname of the image, there doesn't seem to be a way of changing the directory for a bunch of files, filename remaining the same. So when you have many images, the process can be quite tedious.


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