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Just signed up to this Forum and loving it already, can see lots of hours gonna be spent reading through  :D

I have been using Scribus for nearly 3 years and love it. I am creating a price list for my business and can not seem to line the description and the price up?? I have tried everything and don't no what I am doing wrong?? Can  someone please help me I have watched YouTube videos read the manual but still can't find it.....

Example of what I am trying to achieve

Eyebrow wax    £10.00
Underarm wax  £9.00
Chin wax          £4.00

So everything lines up??

If anyone could help me would be most great full : )


I assume you want decimal point lineup. Usually on a word processor this is done under tab alignment. A very crude method would be to use 3 text frames then manually align them. My quick attempt seems to be a little off on the vertical alignment.

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Whoops, I think my fingers are too dumb to differentiate between o and 0, but you get the idea.


hi lampard

just try it with a decimal tabulator or with a left tabulator for the pound sign and a decimal tabulator for the value...
you can set and edit them directly in the rulers (if displayed) while the text is selected or under: 'properties' (f2) → 'text' → 'columns & text distances' → 'tabulators'.



Lampard16, aligning the decimals along a vertical axis using a tabulator, as mentioned by utnik, is the proper way to get the decimal points lined up (similar to how word processors do it).

(One other quick and nasty method would be to use one text frame for the descriptions and one for the figures. You can then make the font for the figures a non-proportional one and then right-justify the whole frame. Like I said, it's nasty, but it works if you want something very simple.)

However, after reading your post more carefully - where your decimal points don't line up in your example and you say you want to "line the description and the price up" - it seems to me that you have your descriptions in one frame and your prices in another and are trying to make sure that each matching description and price is at the same vertical position so that they both "line up" along a horizontal.

If this is what you want to do then you should use the baseline grid. This wiki page describes the basics: and a search in the Scribus Manual (if you have access) for "baseline" will show a good description in the "Working with Text" section.

My apologies if I've misunderstood your requirements.