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After generating a .pdf file with images, a later pdf import fails to bring in images. Any way to solve this.


I've just done a quick test: create a blank document; insert image frame; put a JPEG in the frame; export as PDF; create another blank document; insert image frame; put the original PDF in the image frame; export as PDF. And it worked just fine.

A few questions I have are:
* Have you tried using different image types? (I'm not sure why this should matter, but it might.)
* Are you using the experimental Embed PDF function on PDF export? (I did the same test with this and everything looked fine this way too.)
* Have you tried a simple test - like that above - with just what is going wrong, without all of the other things in your document? Did it work?

If you could include a screen shot or two, with some more details, it might make things easier to troubleshoot.

If you can explain your workflow with expected results versus actual results it might give someone more of an idea of what could be wrong.


Garry, I'm sure that is so. I'm talking about saving a 50 page document consisting of images and text. Bringing it in as a graphic (which is what you are doing) only brings in one page at a time and of course the text is not editable. Other DTP programs will do what I want on files they have generated. In general I've found no program, DTP or LibreOffice unconditionally imports pdf files even though they purport to do so depending on the source of the .pdf.


So, you generate a 50 page PDF with Scribus and then want to import all those 50 PDF pages into Scribus?

May I ask why? Why not import the source Scribus document instead?

Scribus was not primarily designed to be used as a PDF editor, it was designed to create print ready PDFs.

Also the PDF format was designed as a "final" format, thus using it as an intermediate format is not the best thing you can do.


That was just a test after Scribus failed to import the pdf file produced by my previous program PagePlus. The 32 bit version of PagePlus has problems after about 30 odd pages, although the program has a book feature that makes it very easy to combine the separate files designed for creating a book with chapters.
So I experimented with Scribus and after the usual beginner frustrations with this program I've gotten to like it and will use it for the next similar project, which is to produce a directory for all the residents of an independent living community.

Had PagePlus not had this large source file problem I probably wouldn't have bothered with Scribus, I'm retired and am no longer a heavy user. PagePlus does have a 64 bit version now, so that may work with the larger file, but unlike Scribus the upgrade costs. I haven't tried 32 bit Scirbus to see if that has problems with the large input file.

For information, I tried importing various pdf files, manuasl etc. with both DTP packages and LibreOffice writer. On the whole, LibreOffice did quite well in most cases. My resident directory test file imported, but images size were off somewhat and overlapped.
None of this is a deal breaker, I intend to stay with Scribus and look forward to what 1.5 offers when it becomes available.


hi dave

some aplications (like libreOffice) may ad the original file to the .pdf to keep it editable in programs capable of editing the original file format.
but there's no program in the world, that allows you to fully edit every .pdf file.

as nermander mentioned above, .pdf is designed as a final format...



Although I love Scribus, I have to admit that I, too, have been using PagePlus X6 (32-bit version) to edit pdf files.

I edit a magazine in pdf, so PagePlus has proved useful (even though I had to stump up £37), but I always return to Scribus when I want to paste-up articles or work on the magazine's format.