Huge shortfall of Scribus

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I've just been asked to put together a banner which is 800mm by 2000mm and I've only just noticed that Scribus doesn't have the ability to zoom out enough for me to view the entire thing in one screen. Is Scribus really that limited or am I missing a function that allows be to zoom out further than 10%?

Greg P

We just had this same question on the Scribus mail list.
Go to Preferences > Tools > Magnification, and set the Minimum zoom that you will allow. I think the default is 10%, but you can go as low as 1%.


On a large monitor (in this case a 24" 1920x1200 pixels) and the Scribus main window smaller than the screen, I can even display a 4.120 millimeter document.

Go to Preferences -> Display -> and adjust your resolution to the standard 96 dpi (or whatever your system is set to).

In the first screenshot you see a A4 landscape layout at the top left corner with a zoom set to 10%.

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