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Hi experts,

I designed a pdf form using SCRIBUS. Now i need to check required fields while saving the form. Please provid solution for validating fields while saving form.

Thanks and regards
E V Krishna

Hi E V.

This should help:

However, read this too:,861.0.html for some known issues.

Good luck.

Thanks for Your response.
Can you provide me a solution that validate the fields while saving pdf document.

Thanks and regards
E V Krishna

Sorry, I mis-read your question. (My brain's not properly "in gear" today.)

I'm afraid I can't help you there. I don't think Scribus has any functionality in that area. I could be wrong though.

Would you really want to require field validation on save anyway?

For example, what would happen if someone was filling in the form but couldn't remember some details and wanted to save it until they could get the info? If you made that field mandatory before you could save the form and the reader didn't have that information to hand then they couldn't save the form. So they'd have to discard all of their changes and fill it all in again later. Not very user friendly.

I'd say that you'd be better putting the validation on a button instead of forcing it on save. That's just my opinion though.

Maybe someone else can help you better.

Thanks for your response again.
I went across the validate through button. But our requirement is to validate on Save.

Thanks and regards
E V krishna


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