Printing a blank page with the grid

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I wonder if there is a way to print a blank page with the grid so that I can work with paper and pencil in my drafts before moving into the screen.



I don't think there's a way to print the Scribus grid. I've never seen an option to do so anyway.

There are a few ways you could print a grid though:

1. Create a horizontal line at the top of a blank page and use menu "Item -> Multiple Duplicate" to copy it down the page, then do the same for a vertical line across the page. However this means that the grid is fixed to one specific size and you need to create a new one for every different grid.

2. Or you could use a spreadsheet. Make the columns and rows the widths and heights you want them and then set the borders on as many cells as you need to fill a page. Then just print it.

3. Or you could try: They have plenty of perfectly usable free graph paper PDF generators.