Maximizing PDF quality

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I'm very happy with the journal issue I'm about to publish with Scribus 1.4.2, but not so happy with the quality of the PDF export.  Here is an issue proof:

Liberation fonts.  It seems as if the white space between letters, which you can easily see in Scribus, is often lost.  Any tips on how to export with higher quality? 

Also, the file size doesn't seem to change regardless if I choose 600 dpi max resolution, I'm not sure that feature is working?


Did you verify the problem with the whitespace by zooming in? Thare is a quite common problem related to font hinting, viewing a PDF on screen makes it look worse because due to the low resolution of the screen the glyphs can't be placed exactly in the right spot. Zooming in (try 400%) shows how it will look when printed.

As for file size, Scribus places each glyph by its own. This means file size does not depend much on image resolution.