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import a table from a file office formats


Scribus 1.5svn has the tools to create tables. You want to provide the tools for importing tables from files of office formats (ods, odt, xls, doc) and conversion tools text in tables and tables in the text?

As for me: either import capabilities or finalizing the basic Table Format operations (lines, background, text in the cells) would be enough.



I confirm the interest in importing tables in the ODT (from Writer) and ODS (from Calc) formats.
The way of editing tables in Scribus is interesting only for small tables, and as Scribus is not a text editor, this is normal.
Complex tables are usually edited in specialized applications like spreadsheet, word processing where specific formating is often used like italic, bold.
Then should be very usefull if one can import this kind of data keeping the character formating.

Then the demand should be : could it be possible to import tables in ODS or ODT format as the ODT format is usually imported concerning pure text ?



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