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Dear all,

I use Scribus since a couple of days to create a kind of newspaper to explain the work a team to the rest of the company. I want it to be on a PDF format an to contains links to files and directories located on the company's server.

It seems not to be possible and I only managed to link to other pdf (external link) or web pages (URL). I don't want to let it down because I know that "Word 2010" with "Foxit Reader" are able to do it and I hope it can also be with Scribus.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Tutorials there are here:

so in window (web links) paste your destination (for example C:/Documents and Settings/User/file.doc), on my local computer it works, foxit reader can open image or text files.

Thank you leaf for your answer. I've already tried to use the "URL" annotation to write a path to my computer or to the server but it doesn't work. When I try to link to a directory, an internet explorer page opens, showing the newspaper (pdf)...
I don't understand why it doesn't work and what is happening.


Check these files, they working for me
set the path C:/Documents and Settings/User/Desktop/anydoc.txt
On Desktop paste anydoc.txt, and Foxit Reader can open this file after click link in pdf.

I did the test but it's not working. Nevertheless I could have found a reason.
The "anydoc/txt" was placed to the root "C:\" and I changed the link in scribus. Foxit Reader gives an error message, you can see attached. The path is stranged and I think it combines the document path and the link path.

How can I change that ?



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