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I trying to make a flyer to be printede wih a comercial printer.

I have selected A4 og playing around wih only some element

Played wiht the pdf exporter to add cropmarks, and it work fine.

Now i need to get som element to be in the place with will be cutted off.

Tried setting to object to start at -3 does not seem to work.

How to be sure printing to cant?


hi tomaxz

what yuo're searching for is called 'bleeds' ('file' → 'document setup' → 'document' → 'bleeds')
when you generate your .pdf file, make sure that the box: 'use document bleeds' ('save as pdf' → 'pre-press' → 'bleed settings') is checked or insert the desired bleed area here.
ask your print shop, if they need any crop, bleed or registration marks, before you set them...