Windows 8 crash on splash - "Importerror" ?

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I got myself a windows 8 machine a while ago and installed Scribus, and I swear it ran, but I didn't use it for a while. Now I'm planning to spend some time in my holiday on a dtp project, and I try starting Scribus and it doesn't get any further than the splash screen.

Tried uninstalling and installing the 32 bit version, but behaves exactly the same.

When I run "Scribus (console)", the listing is going very fast and I can see lots of fonts passing by, and the last line I can get a glimpse of seems to read 'Importerror' and then the console is gone...

=> is there a way to leave the console on, so I can properly see what's happening? Or any other way to get logging out of Scribus?

=> I did install a couple of new fonts a while ago, so I suspected they were causing trouble (would they?), but even after removing the added fonts the problem stays

So unless someone can help me out, I'll probably have to take my old laptop with me to the sea, running Vista (yuck), and leave my new laptop for the children playing stupid games  :o

Thanks in advance for preventing this from happening!  ;D