Portable -> Create own Portable Scribus (an Independed one !)

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the portable Scribus works not in network or on own folders who want like it as exemple Program Files ..
there it is give an other portable creator with own variables and Startup-Splash Picture :) , it can use as arch-checker/exe-selector also..

this Program who can create portable starter and diffrent arch starter, available after adjustment ..

with this tool can create an own portable exefile for Scribus .. this programm whas my idea and have
send Michal as suggestion.
An Programm, who create exe-files like need, by the way as Portable-Exe-starter+splashscreen too :)
Works on Firefox -profile + thunderbird -profile very well also :) Mozilla Command line Options

want be crewl if Scribus create his own portable package :) an independed one :)

and it is give 2 versions of scribus an 32bit and x86_64 ( Scribus Download ), this can create both by side on an portable Folder
and can start with diffrent Arch-Versions :) this App-Starter-Creator it is perfectly to create an portable exe/ pack
for both architectures ! on 2 Folders an i586 and an x64_86  + can add on this exe an spashscreen and addional switches and commands ;)

/Scribus-portable/Scribus-Portable.exe  # <- the ASC-createt exe see the Architecture and can start the right exe + splashscreen

/Scribus-portable/i586/    #the 32bit version of scribus
/Scribus-portable/x64_86/    #the 64bit version of scribus

or only one Version for it the i586 .. it's possible too..

with the App Creator Starter can create an independed Exe-File where works anywere.. in UNC-Path's and via ./../
and the wohle pack can you copy/move in the programm directory too..

Because the portable pack it is need mostly by owner with specially configurations and easy backup.. therefor it is
a need to have an portable pack where works any were from network and from programfiles too without restrictions !

Try it out and create by own an portable pack and play with the ASC around by self ..


best regards


p.s.: sorry for my bad english :)