Bringing a Scribus Document Into An Existing Document

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In short, how can I take an article I've got all set up in a blank article file into which I have poured text and formatted it like I want, and then insert it into the journal issue as I build it, without having to go through all the below steps?

Longer description: There is a problem I can't seem to solve.  The workaround of bringing the issue template in before the first article and changing the sections solves the pagination for the first article.  But when I bring a 2nd article in, the text flows all in but stops at the end of the first page, where a little square box with an x through it on the lower right prevents the text from flowing.  I think this has to do with linking and unlinking text frames.  There are two little icons, to the left of the measurements icon and to the right of the edit text icon.

Well, I've found a workaround to that, but it is very tiresome:

So, open article #1.  Scroll to last page.  Page Import article #2, being sure to choose the "next page" option not "at end" or it will start after the author info of the previous article.  On the first page of article #2, you don't have page numbers and there is a little box with an x at lower right, preventing text from flowing to subsequent pages.  First, go Page, Apply Master Page, and choose the Normal Left or Right, depending, and suddenly you have the proper page number for the first page of article #2.  Now get the HAND and click on the first page of article #2, click on the Link Text Frames Icon, click on the empty next page and the page flows.  Repeat through end.  But you then have to go back and apply master page to each page to get pagination.  Then import the issue template in before the first article.  Then go through and use File, Document Setup, to create an issue section with no page numbering, so page numbering starts with beginning of first article.