How to design an annual report

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I want to know can we design annual reports with scribus just like in adobe indesign.also how to save the instructions file like in adobeindesign.i am new to dtp but i know webdesigning.i am trying out my hand at creating an annual report for my firm.
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Hi vmk9000.

I don't know much about InDesign but, as far as I know, the "instructions file" is just a text file telling the print shop what files - fonts, images, etc. - need to be present when printing the document.

With Scribus you don't need one of these files.

If you're giving the print shop a PDF to print from then the PDF will contain everything they need to print the document.

If you want to give the print shop the original Scribus file - if they have the software installed - all you need to do is use the menu "File -> Collect for Output..." and Scribus will gather all the files it needs into a folder which you can then zip and distribute.

My apologies if I've got the wrong end of the stick here.

As for how to design an annual report (or any report in general), it's just like designing any other type of document: choose your audience; pick a layout; choose your colour scheme and fonts; create the frames and add your content; move stuff around and change things until they look right.

Going from web design to page layout may seem a bit odd. You have to choose where text and images go directly on the page, rather than using CSS to format them and move them around, but once you get your head round that you'll probably be pleased at how unconstrained you are. Just put things where you want them to be, it's that simple.

Again, apologies if I've misunderstood your intentions.