Can't get text to flow from page to page

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I'm NEW to Scribus, new to this forum and I've just finished writing my first book (autobiog). I've set up 10 pages into which I've put text for the title, copyright, page contents pages etc and have just copied and pasted my first chapter into the Story Editor, where I applied the appropriate paragraph styles. I exited Story Editor using Ctrl-W and found the first page just as I wanted it, but the full text should have continued onto the following blank pages but it didn't.

What should I have done!

I do find it a struggle getting through Scribus, each step is a triumph. This would would be a major step forward.



In Scribus text always need to be contained in text frames. To have text flow across several pages each page must have a text frame and the text frames must be linked in correct order.

There is a feature called automatic text frames that (if I recall correct) automatically will insert text frames on new pages (the frames will be restrained by the margins, so they will be full page).

You could also use the scrapbook to insert text frames of a specific size and location on each page (double click in the scrapbook for each page I think works), but you would have to link them manually.